How are participants selected?

Our social welfare partner/s, in conjunction with our employment partner/s, select the program participants.

The participants are selected based on a number of criteria:

  • Reliable and trustworthy

  • No tendency towards violence or aggression

  • Free from drug and alcohol addiction

  • Mentally prepared for full time work

  • Willing to commit to the program


Where do the participants live during the program?

Project New Dawn  works closely with Not for Profit Partners who have established housing programs for homeless people. Together, we provide an holistic wrap around service for the participant.  Each individual is provided with secure housing and a caseworker who provides ongoing support emotionally, socially and physically along with financial guidance and advice, monitoring the wellbeing of the participant weekly.


How does the program support participants to re-engage with mainstream society?

Project New Dawn works in conjunction with Employment Partners to prepare participants for ongoing employment and provide a minimum of 30 hours employment per week.

The Employment Partners are committed to providing necessary training and a supportive and caring work environment, and are involved in maintaining stable living arrangements.

Participants are enrolled in the program for between 12 and 18 months, during which time they pay their rent, utilities and living expenses. Along with ongoing stable employment, this commitment helps participants to establish a savings and rental history, and establish good habits for after the program.

After this time and when the participants are ready, they graduate from the program.