The Volunteers[accordian]

Danielle Weglowski (BP QLD)

When approached with the opportunity to be apart of the program in our region I didn’t think twice about becoming involved. What appealed to me was the idea that this was a hand up not a hand out, and that the program was not about bringing attention to BP or Salvation Army but truly about the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. I have had amazing support locally from Store Managers and Support team helping ready and move furniture into the homes, to stores conducting pantry drives, donations of household items and the screening and selection of participants. On a personal level I have been through every emotion frustration, disappointment, had some laughs and unbelievable satisfaction knowing that I played just the smallest part in helping those who needed it, get their lives back on track. A journey of personal growth not just for the participants but for all of us involved.


Rowan Thursby (BP NSW)

I have been quite lucky in life and enjoy helping people succeed. I have enjoyed all the work and time that has gone into the program and it has given me great satisfaction seeing the participants progress not only at work but in life aswell. It has been a good education for my children aswell, highlighting the issue of homelessness in Australia and showing that when people help people, we all win.


Sue Bailey(The Salvation Army QLD )

Being part of the New Dawn Project means and defines for me a hands on opportunity to assist someone to move on with their lives It means that I can be part of a team that provides the “tools” required and facilitates participants to be able to be employed, housed and grow to live, work, play and be involved in community. For many of the people who get this opportunity, this was not a hope, dream or possibility. To be a part of this, even with failure, frustration and, at times, a roller-coaster, is an absolute privilege.
I have met some amazing, committed people from BP and their enthusiasm and readiness to help others is outstanding. I have the opportunity to walk alongside the participants, help to pick them up when they fall and at times, see how well they move on. Even if I left this job, I would want to be part of New Dawn in some way.

Our Participants (testimonials)
“This isn’t just a new job it’s more than that”

“It was hard to admit I needed someone’s help and now I want to go further with BP and someday help someone else”

“The Project is called New Dawn, but it has given me a New Life”

“For ages i ate at food vans and soup kitchens but now meal times are a special time in our home”

“The stability of the house – no not house, home – has made the world of difference in my life and has allowed me to make positive decisions”

“I have hobbies now! Time for hobbies, head space for hobbies, physical space for hobbies & money for hobbies!”

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