Project New Dawn Operations Manager visits Partners Salvation Army and BP Perth    

Rob at The Beacon Perth

Rob’s house sit ended and very quickly his money ran out with no other alternative, he began living in his car. His father and partner took him, however things started to deteriorate and Steve lived in his car again.

A Teacher holding a B.Ed, he taught Mathematics in the UK prior to moving to Australia. Too many restrictions within Australia have prevented Rob to continue teaching here in Australia.

Tutoring private students with his high level of Mathematics, he was able to assist many young people to get the grades that were required. DJ-ing and doing house sits for people when he could; otherwise Rob predominantly lived out of his car. During school holidays the tutoring dried up and Rob lived a very hand to mouth existence.

Living for nine months has been very difficult as we can only imagine how trying it would be. To be confronted everyday on what one needs to survive is a terrifying thought and one can only empathise with the plight of being homeless.

After travelling varies parts of WA in his car to find work, bad luck struck upon Rob in a most devastating way. His car, his home and his shelter broke down in Bunbury WA. Here he met the Salvation Army who supplied him food, clothing and assistance to get the car fixed. Rob in return helped out where he could within the centre.

Rob’s luck began to change a little bit as he was offered assistance from the Beacon Programme run by the Salvation Army in Perth. Rob lived here for a further eight months still being considered homeless due the fact he has not got long term housing.

Salvation Army has been working with Project New Dawn for several years now and due to the enthusiasm in all that Rob was displaying, Salvation Army offered Rob a chance to work with Project New Dawn and BP.

Rob jumped at this opportunity and is now employed with BP in Perth, with the support from Salvation Army and Project New Dawn. The innovation from Project New Dawn, Salvation Army and BP has given this young man a chance to rebuild his life with a home and employment. The `wraparound service,’ being provided is exactly what is needed to resolve an intolerable situation of being homeless.

I was fortunate enough to meet the management, staff, BP representative and Rob at The Beacon in Perth. This story, as do many others touched my heart and I am very proud of Rob for taking on the challenges he faces every day in a manner that is thankful and appreciative of being given an opportunity. Rob I am sure as many other participants on the PND programme will be successful in their lives.  Thanks Rob for sharing with PND your story of hope.

Quoted from Rob “For quite a while one of my thoughts has been, `Thank Heavens for the Salvation Army!’”