21st July 2015


People who are homeless now have a powerful ally when trying to rebuild their lives.

Findings from independent research released today, from the Melbourne Business School, has found that Project New Dawn, a small homelessness agency creates $11 worth of social benefit for people receiving its assistance, for every $1 spent.

This $11 benefit is achieved by offering every participant something unique only to Project New Dawn: a job, a place to live and ongoing support. Evaluated against the internationally recognised SROI Social Return on Investment methodology, Project New Dawn is able to achieve significant social and financial benefit to both individual participants as well as to governments and society generally.

Despite being a relatively new organisation, Project New Dawn’s effectiveness compares favourably with other homelessness agencies such as The Lighthouse Foundation.

Commenting on the release of the University study, Project New Dawn Chair, Rebecca McGrath, said, ‘I am delighted that our mission to help people stand on their own two feet is not only providing real jobs and a real home but is also demonstrating real value for money. Our grant funders and supporters are achieving a great return on their social investment.

Mark, one of Project New Dawn’s 45 successful participants describes his experience with Project New Dawn...’before Christmas I couldn’t save up or plan for anything, but now I have stable accommodation and a job and am saving up to buy a’s definitely been life changing.’

Image provided by MBS

Image provided by MBS


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