This is a story about Abdi who lives in Melbourne. Abdi came to Australia from Somalia...

Prior to Project New Dawn

Abdi lived a very unsettled life. He lived in his car and travelled around different locations in Melbourne to find a safe place to park overnight to sleep. He would frequently use community facilities such as public toilets in order to make sure he was maintaining appropriate levels of personal hygiene. As a result of this stage in his life, Abdi experienced low self-esteem and confidence. He had no stability in housing or employment for a long time. 

Recently Abdi was given an opportunity to take part in Project New Dawn. We arranged for Abdi to be interviewed by Bunnings at Mill Park, where he demonstrated to the Store Manager he had the commitment and perseverance to successfully make changes in his life. He was selected to begin his exciting journey, commencing employment and residing in a privately leased rental property arranged through Project New Dawn.

Being Involved in Project New Dawn

Since joining Project New Dawn, Abdi has continually proven he is committed to changing his life. He has successfully managed to maintain his tenancy, sharing with 2 fellow housemates. In addition, he has accomplished some milestones which he is proud of, which may have once only have been a dream prior to joining Project New Dawn:

1.      He has been able to afford braces for his teeth

2.      He has purchased a TV for his bedroom

3.      He is saving money to make a trip back to his home country Somalia in order to visit his family, particularly his mother who is unwell. 

Beyond his personal life, Abdi has continually strives hard at work. To date he has been awarded 9 customer service awards for his commitment to serving customers!

Project New Dawn has been recognized by its social welfare partner (ACSO) as providing once in a lifetime opportunities for individuals of disadvantaged backgrounds to turn their life around and create positive outcomes. ACSO staff have noticed a very successful change in Abdis lifestyle, he has grown as a person and presents much more confident in his ability to communicate. He now has direction about what he wishes to achieve in his life. 

(this story was written by Abdi’s case worker and published with his consent)