Danielle and Sue.

Danielle and Sue.

The following is an email from Danielle in Brisbane. Danielle and Sue tirelessly worked for Project New Dawn for the past ten years. As Operations Manager Danielle and Sue were my first interstate visit where I met two very passionate ladies. I was happy to meet them and this proved invaluable when I first started with Project New Dawn. Their insight into the programme, their passion for working with homeless individuals and determination to give people a chance in life filled me with hope that Project New Dawn is a unique model which offers jobs, housing and support, different from other models I experienced in the past.

We had our sandwiches and tea and they treated me to a truthful account of what has happened and what needed to happen. Me with my note book writing busily as they spoke. I could hear their frustration, however they were not negative in anyway, very constructive and it was an eye opener, which I was happy to listen and learn from.

I think I have thanked them as much as possible as I know the PND Board appreciates their work and diligence. Danielle and Sue you are fantastic and with all the hours you put in to Project New Dawn everyone is thankful to you both. You went above and beyond your call of duty for the participants, the cause, homelessness and without you, the programme would not have lasted as long in Queensland.

One day in the future hopefully we can work together again.

End of an Era, however the new direction the company is taking is also very exciting with the introduction of Project New Dawn's Indigenous Employment Initiative, partnering with AFL SportsReady.

    "The final pieces have now been completed with the wind down of Project New Dawn in Brisbane.

The house has been handed back.

Sue and I had our final catch up at BP Bowen Bridge for coffee and goodbye’s last Wednesday where I presented Sue with some flowers and chocolates, which was also her birthday as it turned out. Sue and I will remain in touch and photo is attached.

Thanks again for the opportunity to be involved, and for all the help along the way. This program has done just as much for me as I have put into it….well almost :) The most important thing is that we got to make a real difference in some people’s lives and we can all be proud of that."

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