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Project New Dawn Voted No 1 by Grill'd Customers

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A BIG Thank you to all the Grill'd Burgers Customers who took the time to read and learn what Project New Dawn are trying to achieve.

Thank you also goes to Grill'd Burgers Manager Ernestine and the crew down there on Lt Bourke St. Appreciated very much!

Please visit, have a lunch or dinner, take a Token and Vote for your favourite charity. Charities are changed every month at this wonderful social conscientious business.  

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Rob's journey to Project New Dawn

Project New Dawn Operations Manager visits Partners Salvation Army and BP Perth    

Rob at The Beacon Perth

Rob’s house sit ended and very quickly his money ran out with no other alternative, he began living in his car. His father and partner took him, however things started to deteriorate and Steve lived in his car again.

A Teacher holding a B.Ed, he taught Mathematics in the UK prior to moving to Australia. Too many restrictions within Australia have prevented Rob to continue teaching here in Australia.

Tutoring private students with his high level of Mathematics, he was able to assist many young people to get the grades that were required. DJ-ing and doing house sits for people when he could; otherwise Rob predominantly lived out of his car. During school holidays the tutoring dried up and Rob lived a very hand to mouth existence.

Living for nine months has been very difficult as we can only imagine how trying it would be. To be confronted everyday on what one needs to survive is a terrifying thought and one can only empathise with the plight of being homeless.

After travelling varies parts of WA in his car to find work, bad luck struck upon Rob in a most devastating way. His car, his home and his shelter broke down in Bunbury WA. Here he met the Salvation Army who supplied him food, clothing and assistance to get the car fixed. Rob in return helped out where he could within the centre.

Rob’s luck began to change a little bit as he was offered assistance from the Beacon Programme run by the Salvation Army in Perth. Rob lived here for a further eight months still being considered homeless due the fact he has not got long term housing.

Salvation Army has been working with Project New Dawn for several years now and due to the enthusiasm in all that Rob was displaying, Salvation Army offered Rob a chance to work with Project New Dawn and BP.

Rob jumped at this opportunity and is now employed with BP in Perth, with the support from Salvation Army and Project New Dawn. The innovation from Project New Dawn, Salvation Army and BP has given this young man a chance to rebuild his life with a home and employment. The `wraparound service,’ being provided is exactly what is needed to resolve an intolerable situation of being homeless.

I was fortunate enough to meet the management, staff, BP representative and Rob at The Beacon in Perth. This story, as do many others touched my heart and I am very proud of Rob for taking on the challenges he faces every day in a manner that is thankful and appreciative of being given an opportunity. Rob I am sure as many other participants on the PND programme will be successful in their lives.  Thanks Rob for sharing with PND your story of hope.

Quoted from Rob “For quite a while one of my thoughts has been, `Thank Heavens for the Salvation Army!’”



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Project New Dawn Operations Manager pays Grill'd Burgers, Lt Bourke St a visit.

I met with the fantastic Manager Ernestine Abuton who welcomed me enthusiastically. An exceptional host who just happened to be reading up on PND prior to my entrance. 

Lovely and inviting space to invite your friends, family or business colleagues for a delightful lunch!

Thank you very much Grill'd Burgers, Ernestine and crew for supporting, not only Project New Dawn but other charities too!

Please visit and treat yourself to a burger and a warm atmosphere!




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Project New Dawn and Grill'd Burgers for March 2015


Grill'd Burgers in Little Bourke St who will be Supporting Project New Dawn for the month of MARCH.

If you are in the city be sure to support this great cause!

Please pass on to friends and all your networks.

All money raised will assist the homeless of Australia through Project New Dawn

Go grab a Burger!

Grill'd Burgers

CBD, Little Bourke Street

369 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000

Ph: 9670 7100

MON: 11AM - 9PM
TUE: 11AM - 9PM
**WED: 11AM - 9PM
THU: 11AM - 9PM
FRI: 11AM - 10.30PM
SAT: 11AM - 9PM
SUN: 11AM - 9PM


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Project New Dawn and the AHURI Report. Alan Thomson

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) through Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Specialist Homeless Services data collection for their statistics) 105,237 individuals in 2011 were identified as homeless within Australia. The numbers would have to be larger than this as they are identified as presenting at homelessness services. The next Census to be conducted in 2016, this number of 105,237 will either grow or decline, either way, one homeless individual without a home, employment/training and support is one too many!


Below is the Executive Summary from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) Final Report No. 237. Project New Dawn (PND) has already been utilizing this model with great effect. I believe this will be part of the future as more small to medium not for profit (NFP) companies get swallowed up by larger NFP’s. PND is a registered charity and an NFP within its own right; however their advancement of individuals gives a fresh and exciting outlook for the future.


Australian Governments have identified the need for `corporate responsibility,’ which could also be a political move to have corporates subsidise the welfare sector. This unfortunately is untenable in the bigger picture of welfare within Australia. Corporates, yes, do have a responsibility to the larger community; however the welfare sector itself must change to deliver programmes that actually have outcomes for participants. Governments will continue to throw money at the problem, however there is a shift in their views as evidenced in the AHURI Report, if corporates can assist and collaborate we will have a different welfare sector in the future.


Project New Dawn is a relatively safe option for a Government to `invest in,’ as they are already providing a model with many different partners working together, collaborating for the goal of a homeless person to 1, find accommodation, 2, find employment, 3, have support to reintegrate back in to community. They have also secured furniture from a large corporate company when the participants move into the private rental house. Without this it would be very difficult to maintain and in the long run, require more donations, grants and resources.


The only issue a Government may have with Project New Dawn is that it can take time. This should not be the case as some individuals do need time to readjust back into a `home life.’ Skills are needed, employment skills are required, how to deal with others and general health and wellbeing. `Wraparound Service.’ PND have a long term view with their programme twelve to eighteen months for participants. Currently it is believed that a welfare sector with Government backing can actually have a homeless person, turn their lives around in three months, to find a job, to find a home in the very expensive and out of reach Private Rental Market. It is a bit difficult for the welfare agency the individual and society to expect this to happen, the pressure must be immense, the uncertainty around funding will add another lair of despair to all involved.


Where PND have been very clever, is the fact they have two very large well-known companies along with a very large NFP working together. There are issues of course, however they identified this and placed an Operations Manager to handle the issues and deal with them in the most expedient way possible.


The next chapter for PND is to secure more funding to assure certainty for the future, build more partnerships and collaborations for the next chapter in their development. PND `provides a hand up not a hand out.’


“Governments in Australia and internationally have increasingly been turning to third sector (i.e. ‘not-for-profit’ non-government) organisations to deliver social services including health, education, and community services. This has included placing growing reliance on not-for-profit (NFP) providers to procure housing and deliver housing management services to those whose needs cannot be met by the market. As such a shift marks a fundamental change in the model of housing assistance delivery in Australia, it warrants research that seeks to understand its impacts from an organisational (as well as a public policy) perspective. This is the Final Report of a three-year project which investigated how larger housing NFP organisations in Australia have been developing and positioning themselves for future opportunities and challenges. Understanding development of such entities is of vital interest to governments advancing investment and regulatory strategies for the sector, to private lenders into the sector and to the sector itself.”


Milligan. V, Hulse. K, Pawson. H, Paul Flatau. P and Edgar Liu, E. (2015) Citations and References. Strategies of Australia’s leading not-for-profit housing providers: a national study and international comparison, AHURI Final Report No.237. Melbourne: Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute .



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Alan Thomson

Operations Manager.

Project New Dawn.

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First Impressions! From Alan Thomson - PND Operations Manager

Volunteering at the BBQ was not even questionable it was inevitable! I was looking forward to helping out with my wife and son coming along for the ride. My dear wife will be off to Northland Shopping Centre is a certainty. 

Approaching the BBQ area where I will spend the next couple of hours, I had that nervous feeling you get when meeting new people. As I parked the car I could see them already there, it was 920am on a Saturday morning. 

I waltzed up to them and was greeted with a very welcoming smile and congratulations on being successful on the role of Operations Manager. I relaxed immediately and introduced my family. Not long after this, my wife was off to buy some plants and my son followed her. 

On with the business of the day, I had a good look at the area around the BBQ, our advertising was at the side, a banner proudly displaying why we were making money this fine day. Inside the tent it looked very close quarters the fact I had never actually cooked on a BBQ before was daunting. Hope they don’t ask me to cook!

Project New Dawn (PND) was displayed and it was great that I researched them prior this assisted when the public decided to enquire. I start officially on Monday 19th; two days away, however already feel part of this exciting adventure. This is even more real as I am now meeting Board members and Valuable Volunteers. 

Mulling around I was happy to say good morning to people entering the business next to the BBQ. Saying hello and asking how they were. The next thing I was undercover getting a handover to cook sausages on the BBQ from a well-meaning Board Member. Oh well here I go!

Don't know how I was drafted so quickly into the Apron which was now tied in a knot no less, I found this out when I tried to get it off. I think they were planning in not letting me leave. During this time of settling in, a former Participant of the program came up and introduced himself. This is what PND are about. He has secured a job and housing from 18 months ago where life was homelessness, no job and not much future. He welcomed me to the program and I was really chuffed that he made the effort.

It was steady at first then BANG! So many people wanting a sausage and bread, I was afraid to look up as there was a queue. My little helper, a Board Member's daughter who I must say was fabulous and was there since set up. She kept me smiling and giving me encouragement as I just kept cooking sausage after sausage, not to forget the bags and bags of onions. 

We were happy when a Partner's Companies Volunteers arrived, I am sure I heard a Bugle in the background as the Cavalry arrived. They were young and eager to assist. This was not going to relieve my role or that of my sidekick unfortunately this would not come until we had cooked all 20kgs of sausages and the posse went out to get another 20kgs. It was that busy the queue went back inside the store. To think it was not even midday yet! 

My first impressions were that the team camaraderie was excellent, even though we had never met or worked together before. Somehow this worked and it worked really, really well. We all had the same goal, to make money for PND to continue to assist homeless people access stable housing, employment and be empowered to make decisions.


A Christmas Present for Abdi

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A Christmas Present for Abdi

The Bunnings Team is please to announce their latest PND recruit, Abdi.

Abdi has been homeless for ten years living out of his car. Abdi is now housed for the first time in ten years, and ACSO were able to move him in yesterday, so he didn't have to spend Christmas in his car, on a main road.   A fantastic outcome!

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2014 Gallery Night

In August 2014, PND held its inaugural Gallery Night, with the generous support of Clayton Utz, Radio Rentals, Pizzini Wines, Agent 86 Photography, ACSO and Mission Australia.

In attendance were around 90 guests, including Stuart Taylor from Resilience Institute as our key note speaker and David McGettigan, an inspirational artist and current university student with a homeless background.

On display were around 50 pieces of artwork by homeless artists from Mission Australia (Sydney) and ACSO (Melbourne).  We are pleased to say that over 75% of the artwork was sold, needless to say the artists received sales proceeds for their efforts.

A live auction was also conducted on the evening, a much needed funds were raised for PND to sustain it activites.

The Board would like to thank all the guests, supporting partner organisations as well as our hard working volunteers of the evening.

Check out some of the photos from the evening (click to scroll through the photos).


Inaugural Friends of Project New Dawn Event

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Inaugural Friends of Project New Dawn Event

Inaugural Friends of Project New Dawn Event held at Clayton Utz

The Friends of PND event was held at Clayton Utz Lawyers, food sponsored by Henry Bucks and drinks by Clayton Utz.  A special thanks to Andrew Walker, Dan Trindade, Jason Molin and Stef Faubel for facilitating a great event.  Guests saw the launch of a new PND promotional video, with Melbournian film-maker Daniel Wieckmann providing some context on the film’s direction and from where it drew its inspiration.  The new video will be made available on the PND website ASAP.  A quick plug for Daniel’s business, Kintaro Studios, any Corporate or NFP looking to make a new promotional video, Daniel will do a magnificent job!  Thanks to Jon Burgess for funding the video.

Earlier on in the day, a Monash-PND Marketing Plan competition was also held at Clayton Utz.  A group of 40 Monash University Students majoring in Pysch-Marketing and Pysch-Management, in their allocated “consulting groups” presented their PND Marketing Plans to a Panel of business leaders, including Tim Cecil (Henry Bucks), Martin Cooperwaite (Kiandra IT), Rebecca McGrath (holds four ASX Board positions) and Craig Wallace (Bunnings).  The presentations were fantastic and significant number of potentially ground breaking opportunities were presented.  The Marketing Plans will greatly assist the PND Steering Committee to plan out its activities in 2014 and beyond, the task now rests with the Steering Committee to pick and implement the “gems” of ideas.  A special thanks to Jane Carroll for making this happen, Corinne Harle and Pat Nally for being the inspiration.

During the Friends of PND event, the “winning” marketing plan was awarded to R.A.R.E Consulting, with team members Rachel Coffey, Ailisha Windsor, Rebecca Bannar-Martin and Emily Thwaites.  Team GJIML (Isabelle Leung, Gabe Fraser, Jennifer Liey, Mariessa Peiris and Lucas Seymour) was given a special mention for some of the innovative ideas presented.  Four students were offered vocational opportunities at Kiandra IT, Bunnings and Henry Bucks.  It was great to see students mingling with corporate/NFP invitees post the formalities.

All in all, a fantastic night out, hoping to see you in 2014.

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