Project New Dawn’s co-founders Brendan & Albert and Trevor (ex-Participant) were invited to speak as the Community Partner at a recent Tipping Point Series event.

The Tipping Point Series is founded by Jon Burgess from Kwan, in 2002, Jon’s desire to share his thought leadership around people networks, performance management and leadership led him to develop Kwan International Consultancy. Since then, Jon has worked internationally with Organisations and Business Schools to gain and maintain their competitive advantage through developing and leveraging their networks and intellectual capital. Kwan’s unique consultancy model has seen it become a leading advisor to some of the world’s most admired organizations and institutions, working with the company’s ‘Leadership’ and ‘Emerging Leaders’ in developing sustainable People Networks.

Jon’s Tipping Point Series, as the name suggests, is inspired by best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point book. Tipping Point is about change, and examines what triggered significant changes in our society and identify human enablers that drove such changes.  The Series was created to allow speakers to share career-changing or life-changing tipping points, in hope that the speakers stories will ignite positive changes right here in Australia.

On 22nd February 2013, around 200 business leaders, Philanthropists and entrepreneurs attended the Tipping Point Event.  Key note speaker Holly Ransom was an inspiration, as she talked about her tipping points, and her journey as to how, at the age of 22, she is named as one of the “100 Most Influential Australian Women” by the Australian Financial Review and Westpac in 2012.

Brendan, Trevor and Albert spoke passionately about PND, each presenting from a slightly different perspective, the Salvos’ view, the Participant’s view and the Corporate view.

Brendan spoke again of PND being a “hand up and not out”, and engaged the attendees with his typical charismatic self.  Trevor spoke about his personal experience in his typical, no-nonsense manner.  Albert posed a provoking question to the attendees around what is dubbed the “by-stander problem”, whereby, when in a group, people’s responsibility to act is diffused.

Perhaps the challenge worked, as many guests approached Albert post event and identified paths forward to assist PND.  Many great ideas have been discussed, the PND Steering Committee will follow up in earnest to explore all opportunities.

The Project New Dawn team would like to thank Jon Burgess once again for his kind invitation, to Henry Bucks for hosting the event.